Our Gold Medal Separates the Ordinary from the Extraordinary

Chefs In America began inauspiciously in 1986, when renowned Chefs and Foodservice Directors gathered privately in the basement of New York’s famous La Reserve restaurant to receive our Masters Of Taste Award. Since then, we have evolved into the oldest, third party Culinary Endorsement Program in the country—The American Masters Of Taste Awards (A.M.O.T.).

We promote “Superior Tasting” food and beverages to average consumers as well as a target audience of more than 6,500 Top Corporate Chefs and High-Volume MEGABUYERS. For early 30 years, consumers have relied on the A.M.O.T. Gold Medal Seal to lead them to America’s SUPERIOR TASTING food & beverage products. When retail & grocery buyers see our SUPERIOR TASTE Gold Medal, they are confident that these goods will deliver excellent performance during use. Our exclusive Gold Medal is a valuable tool- the ability to separate SUPERIOR TASTING products from the thousands of other SKUs on shelves.

Marketing & sales professionals, utilize the American Masters of Taste’s SUPERIOR TASTE Gold Medal Endorsement as a weapon that affords their products heightened brand awareness and a unique selling point. Our Gold Medal separates a brand from the thousands of other competitors in their category during this shelf showdown.

To witness how national F & B manufacturers successfully create eye catching buyer awareness campaigns, debut new product launches as Award Winning, or revitalize the reputation of existing brands with our exclusive Gold Medal Seal, view HOW WILL YOU USE THE GOLD MEDAL?


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Every day we research product categories and conduct judgings to select America’s superior products. We boast the longest running program of its kind with the most up to date buyer contact database.

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For more information, email us at info@chefsinamerica.org or call (707)557-8700 at our national headquarters in California.

The Superior Taste Gold Medal is the property of Chefs In America and is authorized for use only by licensed Gold Medal winners who participate in our Gold Medal Endorsement Program. The Gold Medal is not to be copied, duplicated or altered in any way, shape or form without the express permission of Chefs In America.

Gold Medalists 1986-2018

Advanced Vapor Tech.

Alaska Kenai Wild

Aldi, Inc./Fresh Never Frozen Atlantic Salmon

Aldi, Inc./Appleton Farms Italian Deli Style Meats: Sopresata and Capocollo

Aldi, Inc./Appleton Farms Jamon Serrano (Dry Cured Ham)

Aldi, Inc./Arosa Sparkling Moscato Rosé

Aldi, Inc./Beletti Prosecco

Aldi, Inc./Coastal Cove Sauvignon Blanc

Aldi, Inc./Copperwood Merlot

Aldi, Inc./Crystal Creek Cellars Reisling

Aldi, Inc./Dancing Flame Red Blend

Aldi, Inc./Earthly Grains Quinoa Blends

Aldi, Inc./Happy Farms Preferred Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese

Aldi, Inc./Happy Farms Preferred Cheese Wedges, Blue Cheese and Smoked Gouda

Aldi, Inc./Happy Farms Preferred Goat Cheese Logs

Aldi, Inc./Happy Farms Preferred Apple Smoked Cheddar, Gruyere and Gouda

Aldi, Inc./Happy Farms Preferred Farmhouse Cheese Assortment: Cave Aged, Rustic Red and Vintage English Cheddar

Aldi, Inc./Maison de Joie Sparkling Brut

Aldi, Inc./Moiselle Moscato

Aldi, Inc./Never Any! Boneless Chicken Breasts

Aldi, Inc./Outlander Cabernet Sauvignon

Aldi, Inc./Priano Bronze Cut Pasta: Orecchiette, Pipe Rigate and Rigatoni

Aldi, Inc./Priano Fresh Mozzarella

Aldi, Inc./Belle Vie Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water

Aldi, Inc./SimplyNature Organic Rice: Brown Rice and White Rice

Aldi, Inc./SimplyNature Exotic Vegetable Chips

Aldi, Inc./SimplyNature Organic Broth: Vegetable, Chicken, Beef and Chicken Low-Sodium

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Naan Bread: Original and Garlic

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Proscuitto Panino and Proscuitto Sticks

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Kalamata Olives

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Suffed Queen Olive Varieties: Jalapeno, Blue Cheese, Garlic, Feta Cheese, White Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack Cheese

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Cheese Bites: Emmantaler and Gouda

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Pure Maple Syrup

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Aged Reserve White Cheddar

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Hand-Rolled Goat Cheese Logs: Cranberry Cinnamon and Blueberry Vanilla

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Gruyere Cheese

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Cold Smoked Salmon

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected100% Organic 85/15 Ground Beef

Aldi, Inc./Specially Selected Manchego Cheese

Aldi, Inc./Villanella Pinot Grigio

Aldi, Inc./William Wright Chardonnay

Aldi, Inc./William Wright Pinot Noir

Alessi Bakery

Allen’s Canning/Winnie Group

Alka H2O


American Metalcraft

American Roland

American Seafood Int’l.

Anco Fine Cheese

Angostura Bitters

Anheuser Busch

Antigo Cheese Co.

Aqua Farms/Multiexport

Arla Foods

Armanino Foods

Atalanta Foods

Aunt Jemima

Baltimore Spice

Banfi Vintners

Barilla America, Inc.

Barleans Organic Oils

Baxters Soups

Bayer Corp.

BC Abalone


Bear Creek Kitchens

Beck’s Light Beer

Beech Nut

Belgioso Cheese

Belvedere Vodka

Berkeley Farms

Best Foods/Brownberry

Best Foods/Hellman’s

Best Kosher/Shofar

Betty Crocker

Big Train Beverages

Bindi Desserts

Boboli International

Bohemia/Labatt USA

Boost/Mead Johnson

Boston Coffee Cake

Brad Barry Gourmet

Bradley Technology

Branding Iron Foods


Bridgford Breads

Brown & Haley

Bunge Foods N. America

Butter Buds

Cacique USA

Callison’s Fine Foods

Campbell’s Soup

Canadian Club

Cascade Glacier

Cattlemen’s Beef/Veal

Cavendish Farms

Cedarlane Natural Foods

Cedar’s Mediterranean

Ceres Juices

CF Chefs

Chang USA Beer

Charles Jacquin

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s

Chippery Gourmet

Chopin Vodka

Chudleigh’s Ltd.

Classic Wines

Classico/Borden Foods

Coastal Seafoods

Coexist Coffee

Colorful Harvest

Columbus Salame



ConAgra/Lamb Weston

ConAgra/Louis Kemp

ConAgra/Marie Callender


ConAgra/Swiss Miss

Concept 2 Bakers

Cook Inlet Salmon

Cosmos Grace/HON Hamachi

Crocs Shoes

Cuisine Innovations

Daisy Brand




Devault Foods


Digiorno/Kraft Cheese

Discovery Products

Don Julio Tequila

Douwe Egberts

Dr. Harold Katz/Therabreath

Dreyer’s Fruit Bars

Ducktrap Smoked Fish

Earth Friendly Products

Eggland’s Best Eggs

Eurofresh Tomatoes

Fantastic Foods

Farmer John Meats

Fisher Boy

Fishery Products Int’l

Five Brothers

Five Roses Tea

Fontanini Meats

Fossil Farms Ostrich

Franklin Baker Coconut Products

French Gourmet

Freiberger USA

Fresh Point L.A.

Galaxy Desserts

General Mills Cereal

Girard’s Salad Dressings

Global Food Technologies / iPura

Globe Food Equipment

Go Fast! Sports & Beverage

Golden Dipt

Gourmet Displays

Gourmet Express

H&H Foods

H.C. Valentine Coffee

Haagen Dazs

Hafner USA

Hain Celestial Group/Spectrum Organics

Hansen Beverage

Harrison & Crossfield Tea

Heartland Foods

Heinz Frozen Foods

Hershey Food Corp.

Hershey Foods

Hollandia Produce

Hickory Farms

Hormel Foods Corp.

Hormel Frozen Foods


Iovate Health Science/Purely Inspired

Iovate Health Science/Six Star Nutrition

Irish Manor

Imagine Foods

Island Oasis

ISS Research

Italian Village Pasta

J.M. Smucker Company

Java Jacket

Jiffy Mix/Chelsea Milling

Jimmy Dean Sausage

John Morrell

Johnsonville Sausage Co.

Joseph Copperfields

Jurgielewicz Duck

Kabobs, Inc.

Kahiki Foods

Karma Nuts

Kate Farms

Kellogg Company

Kettle Valley

King and Prince

Kitchen Whippers

KP Education Systems

Krakus Ham


La Maison Beau Soleil

La Pace Imports

Labrada Nutrition

Land O’Frost

Langers Juice

Le Creuset

Leo Beer

Leprino Foods

Liaison West

Lion Coffee

Little Pearl Caviar

Litehouse Marinades


Lone Mountain Wagyu

Magma BBQ’s

Major Peters’ Mix

Maple Leaf Distillers

Maplehurst Bagels

Mariani Packing

Maritime Seafood

Marquez Marquez

Master Foodservice

Mazzetta Seafood

McNeil Nutritionals

Mekhong Asian Spirit

Melitta Coffee

Metal Ware Corp

MexAmerica Foods

Meyers Natural Angus

Michael Angelo’s Foods

Microflex Gloves

Mid-Atlantic Foods

Minute Maid

Miss Meringue

Mooney Farms

Monterey Pasta Co


Mosshaim Innovations

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee

Mother’s Cereal

Mother’s Kitchen

Motivatit Seafood

Mountain High Organics/Transomega Nutrition

Mountain Stream

Mrs. Smith’s Bakeries

Nasoya Tofu

Natural Fruit Corp

Natural Organics Inc

Naturally Potatoes

NCBA & Strauss Veal

Neiman Enterprises

Nescafe Frothe/Nestle

Nesco/Roaster Ovens

Nestle Ice Cream

Next Nutrition, Inc.

Nice-Pak Towlettes

Nonni’s Biscotti

NorSun Food Group

Novamex Spice Paste

Nat. Presto Industries

Pasta Montana

Nueske Meats

Olivio Products

Pacific Beverage


Panasonic Rice Cookers

Papa Cantella’s

Papa John’s Pizza

Papetti’s Hygrade Eggs

Palermo’s Pizza


Pasta Montana

PB Trading

Peak Bar

Perfect Image Orchids

Peroni/Barton Beers

Peter Pan

Petrossian, Inc.

Phillips Gourmet Mushrooms

Pilsner Urquell

Pitco Frialator

Plainville Farms

POM Wonderful

Premiere Protein

Primera Foods

Prohibition Beverage

Pro-Team Vacuums

Quaker Foods

Quaker Grits

Quality Bakery Co.

Rational Cooking System

Ready Pac Produce

Red Gold

Red Wing Shoes

Redmond Minerals


Revolution Tea House

Reynolds Foodservice

Ridgefield Farms

Rival Company

Robert Rothschild Farms

Roon Rawd Brewery

Rose Packing

Rotanelli’s Pasta

Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

Rudi’s Bakery

Rub Joe Meat

Sara Lee Coffee & Tea

Santé Specialty Foods

Schulstad Pastries

Schwan’s Pizza

Schwan’s/Minh Appetizers

Sciabica Olive Oil

SDG Foods

Sea Protein


Sevillo Fine Foods

Shangri-La Ice Tea

Singha Beer

Silver Palate

Slade Gorton & Co.



SpinFry AKA: SpinFresh

Spectrum Organic Oils

Sportsman’s Redneck Juice

St. Pauli Girl Beer

Star Olive Oil

Sterno Group

Stirling Syrups

Stolt Seafarm

Stone Street Wines

Strauss Veal

StrAvinski Vodka

Stremicks Heritage Foods

Sun Orchard

Sunbeam Products

Sunsweet Growers

Superior Farms Lamb

Supreme Protein

Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Sweet Harvest Foods/PB Crave

Sweet n’ Low

T. Marzetti

T.H. Foods/Crunchmaster

Talisker Scotch

Talking Rain/Sparkling Ice

Tampa Maid Foods

Taste It Presents

Tetley’s Ale

T-Fal Toasters

Tostino Coffee

Traina Dried Fruit

Treetop Apple Slices

Tresomega Nutrition

Tsar Nicolai Caviar

Tulkoff Horseradish

Tyson Foods, Inc.

U.S. Foodservice

US Dentek

Valley Lavosh Baking

Van De Kamp

Vertex China

Victoria Gourmet

Vie de France

Vikon Farms Chicken

Vitamin World

Vitasoy Soy Milk

Welbilt Toaster Ovens

Wheaties Cereal

White Towel

White Wave

Whole Note Foods

Wholesome Goodness

Wild Planet Seafood

William Fischer Deli

Windsor Frozen Foods


Wrigley Gum

Wustoff-Trident Inc

Yamasa Soy Sauce

Yucatan Foods

Zola Acai Beverages



Wine, Spirits and Beverage Gold Medalists 1986-2018

Alka H20
Alkaline artesian drinking water.

ALDI/Arosa Sparkling Moscato Rosé

ALDI/Belletti Prosecco

ALDI/Coastal Cove Sauvignon Blanc

ALDI/Copperwood Merlot

ALDI/Crystal Creek Riesling

ALDI/Dancing Flame Red Blend

ALDI/Maison de Joie Brut Sparkling

ALDI/Moiselle Moscato Spumente

ALDI/Outlander Cabernet Sauvignon


ALDI/PurAqua Belle Vie: Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon and Pure

ALDI/Villanella Pinot Grigio

ALDI/William Wright Chardonnay

ALDI/William Wright Reserve Pinot Noir

Allied Domecq/ Canadian Club Whisky (now Fortune Brands)

Banfi Vinters*

Greens superfoods drink mixes and omega-3 nutrition oils.

Barton/ St. Pauli Girl Lager/Dark/ NA (now Crown Imports)*
Beer, imported.

Barton/ Peroni Lager (now Constellation Brands)*

Beck’s Light Beer (AB InBev)
Imported light beer.

Millenium Imports/ Belvedere Vodka

big train 136x203Big Train Beverages
Chai tea latte mixes, smoothie drink mixes, gourmet protein drink mixes.




Labatt USA/ Bohemia Beer (now AB InBev Brands)
Beer, imported.
no website available

Boon Rawd Brewery/ Leo Beer
Thai beer, everyday.

Boon Rawd Brewery/ Singha Beer
Thai beer, premium.

Wilson Daniels/ Cabo Wabo Tequila

Ceres Pure Fruit Juice Blends
Pure fruit juice blends.

Charles Jacquin/ Irish Manor
Irish Cream Liqueur.

Charles Jacquin/ Chambord*
Premium, all-natural black raspberry liqueur.

Charles Jacquin/ Pravda Vodka
Premium vodka

Charles Jacquin/ StrAvinsky Vodka
Polish Vodka.

Classic Wines*

Coexist Coffee
Imported Arabica coffee.

Constellation Brands*
Wine, beer and spirits.

Confluence Wine Importers*

Don Julio Tequila*

Douwe Egberts/ Sara Lee Coffee
Liquid coffee & tea systems.

Go Fast! Sports Beverage Company
Energy supplement beverages.

Hansen’s Natural Sodas
Natural sodas.

H.C. Valentine/ Royal Cup Coffee
Organic whole coffee beans, organic whole decaffeinated
coffee beans and organic espresso beans.

International Beverage Holdings/ Chang Beer USA
Asian beer, non premium.

Iovate Health Science/Six Star Nutrition
Protein powder, whey based drink mixes; anabolic amino testosterone boosting powders; sports nutrition powder drink mixes for post-workout and sports nutrition powder drink mixes for pre-workout.

ISS Research/Purely Inspired
Plant-based protein powder.

Kate Farms
Vegan, ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes.

Langers 235x203Langer Juice Company
helf stable apple juice, apple juice blends, cranberry juice, cranberry juice blends, pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice blends, ruby red grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, orange juice blends, white grape juice, concord grape juice and red grape juice.


Major Peter’s Bloody Mary Mix*

Martini & Rossi/ Bacardi Imports*

Asian spirits, premium.

Minute Maid
Premium ruby red grapefruit juice blend.

Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee*

Numi Teas*
Organic, premium, fair-trade teas.

Pilsner Urquell*
Pilsner beer.

POM Wonderful*
Pomegranate juice.

Premier Protein
Ready to drink protein beverage shakes.

Royal Cup Coffee and Teas
Iced tea concentrates

Schiefflin & Sommerset/ Talisker Isle
Blended Scotch whisky.

UDV/ Smirnoff Twist (now Diageo)
Smirnoff Twist.

UDV/ Smirnoff Flavored Vodkas (now Diageo)
Flavored vodka.

Sportsmans Redneck Juice
Bloody Mary Mix

Stirling Gourmet Flavoring Syrups
Gourmet flavoring syrups.

Stremick’s Heritage Foods
Organic soy milk.

Swiss Miss
Hot chocolate.

Zola Acai
Acai beverages.

*Denotes client was a sponsor and exhibited at a Chefs In America’s Corporate Chefs’ Buyer Taste Summit only. 

Natural and Organic Gold Medalists 1986-2018

Alaska Wild Kenai Salmon: wild salmon

ALDI/Never Frozen: Atlantic salmon

ALDI/Earthly Grains Quinoa Blends: rosemary & olive oil, garlic & basil and roasted red bell pepper and basil

ALDI/SimplyNature: exotic vegetable chips

ALDI/SimpleNature: organic broth varieties: chicken, beef, vegetable and low sodium chicken

ALDI/Specially Selected: organic, grassfed 85/15 ground beef

Aquafarms/Multiexport: cold smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon and salmon filets

Barlean’s Organic Oils: organic oils

Big Train: chai teas, smoothie drink mixes and gourmet protein drink mixes

Boston Coffee Cake: natural coffee cake

Cascade Glacier/Julie’s Organic Ice Cream

Cedarlane Natural Foods: all natural frozen entrees

Cedar’s Mediterranean: hummus and tzatziki

Cere’s Fruit Juice: 100% fruit juice

Chicken Of The Sea: canned tuna

ConAgra/Lamb Weston/Alexia: frozen sweet potato fries, frozen-roasted sweet potato fries, frozen sweet potato taters and frozen-mashed sweet potatoes

Cosmos Grace, Inc./Hon Hamachi: farm raised yellowtail

Dr. Harold Katz: all natural lozenges and breath freshening toothpaste

Dreyer’s: frozen fruit bars

Daisy Brand: sour cream

DeBoles/Hain Celestial: dried pasta

The Dannon Company: Greek yogurt & parfaits

East Wind: peanut butter

Eggland’s Best Eggs: organic and cage free eggs

Eurofresh: tomatoes, vine rippened

Fantastic World Foods: rice mixes

Five Roses Tea: teas

Fossil Farms: ostrich meat

Franklin Baker: organic coconut oil, coconut flakes & shreds and coconut sugar

Freiberger USA: frozen pizza, frozen all-natural pizza and frozen baguette pizza

General Mills/Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

General Mills/Betty Crocker

Genie: The Rice Company: organic rice

General Mills/Wheaties and Raisin Bran

Hansen: natural sodas

The Hain Celestial Group/ Imagine Foods: organic soups and broths in cartons, natural soups in cartons and all natural low sodium soups in cartons

The Hain Celestial Group/Spectrum Organics: organic extra virgin Mediterranean olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic high heat refined safflower oil, organic rened canola oil, organic rened coconut oil and organic coconut shortening

The Hain Celestial Group/Spectrum Organics: Organic balsamic imported vinegar, organic golden balsamic imported vinegar, organic imported red wine vinegar and organic imported white wine vinegar

Hollandia Produce, LLC/Live Living Gourmet: live lettuces, live watercress, live upland cress and live arugula

Iovate Health Sciences: protein powder drink mixes, whey-based protein powder drink mixes, vegan-based protein powder drink mixes and protein bars

iPura: talapia, frozen

Island Oasis: blended fruit beverage

ISS Research/OhYeah!: Ready to drink nutritional shakes

Jurgielewicz Duck: all natural duck

John B. San Filippo/Fisher Nuts: nut meats and nut snack mixes

Kate Farms: vegan ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes

Kellog’s/Cracklin Oat Bran

Labrada Lean Body Nutrition: protein bars

Lakanto: all-natural sugar-free sweetener

Langer’s Juices Langers Juice: shelf stable apple juice, apple juice blends, cranberry juice, cranberry juice blends, pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice blends, orange juice, orange juice blends, grapefruit juice and grape juice

La Cense Beef, natural, domestic Angus beef

Lifestream: organic waffles

Litehouse: veggie dips

Lone Mountain: 100% full blood wagyu beef, sausage and jerky

Mazzetta Seafood: P&D shrimp & lobster tails

Meyers Natural Angus: natural, domestic Angus beef

Minutemaid: ruby red grapefruit juice

Morningstar: veggie burgers

Mountain High Organics/Tresomega Nutrition: organic, gluten-free quinoa pasta and organic, gluten-free brown rice pasta

Nassoya: tofu

Natural Organics Inc.: energy supplements

Nature’s Path/ Lifestream: organic cereals

Nestles Waters: drinking water, bottled

Next Nutrition: nutritional supplements

NorSun Food Group: organic potatoes

Paesana: organic, shelf-stable pasta sauces in jars

Phillips Gourmet Mushrooms

Primera Foods: whole liquid eggs

Quaker/Mother’s Cereal & Instant Grits

Ready Pac Produce: salad mixes

Real Salt/Redmond Minerals: sea salt

Revolution Tea House: teas

Robert Rothschild Farms: preserves

ShariAnn’s: canned soup

Silver Palate: pasta sauce and crackers

Spice Island: spices

Stremicks Heritage Natural Foods: soy milk

Sun Orchard, 100% pure orange juice

Superior Farms: natural lamb

Supreme Protein: protein bars

Sweet Earth Natural Foods: frozen vegetarian breakfast sandwiches, frozen vegan and vegetarian burritos, frozen vegan and vegetarian entrée bowls and plant-based bacon substitute

TH Foods/Crunchmaster: gluten-free multigrain crackers and crisps

Tone Brothers: dried spices

Traina Dried Fruit, Inc.: dried fruit

Treetop Apple Slices

Tresomega Nutrition: organic, gluten-free quinoa pasta and organic, gluten-free brown rice pasta

Victoria Gourmet Seasonings: spices and organic spices

Vitasoy: soy milk

White Wave/Silk: soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk

Whole Note Foods: gluten-free buttermilk pancake mixes, crepe mixes, waffle mixes, muffin mixes, pizza crust mix and multi-purpose flour

Wholesome Goodness: multigrain tortilla chips and cereal/granola bars

Wild Planet Seafood: canned seafood

Yumbana: gluten-free frozen pies and gluten-free cookies

Zola Acai Beverages: acai juice










Culinary Gold Medalists 1986-2018

21st Century Products – mobile vending carts

Advanced Vapor Technologies – steam vapor systems



American Metalcraft

Bradley Technologies-smokers

Coleman-barbeque grills


Earth Friendly Products

Globe Food Equipment

Gourmet Display

Hearthware Home Products

Ice Caterers


Java Jacket

John Boos – cutting boards

Kitchen Whippers

KP Education Systems

Le Creuset

Melitta – coffee filters

Microflex Gloves

Mosshaim – mobile cooking units

National Presto – pressure cookers

Neiman Enterprises – chopping blocks

Nice-Pak – towelettes

Nesco – roaster ovens


Oster – blenders

Panasonic – rice cookers

Premier Protein

Pro-Team – backpack vaccums

Progressive/Silverstone – hand tools

Red Wing Shoes

Reynolds Foodservice

Rival-can openers


Salton/ Breadman – breadmakers

Salton/ Juiceman II – juicers

Salton/ Melitta – coffee makers

Sante Specialty Foods


Spinfry/SpinFresh – centrifugal automatic fryer system

Sterno – chaffing fuel and culinary torches

T-Fal Toasters

Vertex China

Villeroy & Boch

Welbilt – grills & griddles

Welbilt – toaster ovens

White Towel – moist towels

Wusthof Trident – chef knives

WMF – chef knives

Spectrum Naturals Hosts Celebrity Chef Dinner Campaign With Chef Andre David Halston

Spectrum Naturals®, a division of The Hain Celestial Group, has launched a campaign around our Gold Medal Endorsement. The Superior Taste Sweepstakes campaign invites you to enter to win a dinner prepared by celebrity chef Andre David Halston. We worked with Spectrum’s advertising agency to assist in the campaign which plans to showcase Spectrum’s full product line of organic oils and shortening in application in the winner’s own home. This is one of the most innovative uses of our Gold Medal we’ve seen to date and we’re excited for Spectrum’s success.

spectrum superior taste sweepstakes