Natural and Organic Gold Medalists 1986-2017

Alaska Wild Kenai Salmon: wild salmon

Aquafarms/Multiexport: cold smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon and salmon filets

Barlean’s Organic Oils: organic oils

Big Train: chai teas, smoothie drink mixes and gourmet protein drink mixes

Boston Coffee Cake: natural coffee cake

Cascade Glacier/Julie’s Organic Ice Cream

Cedarlane Natural Foods: all natural frozen entrees

Cedar’s Mediterranean: hummus and tzatziki

Cere’s Fruit Juice: 100% fruit juice

Chicken Of The Sea: canned tuna

ConAgra/Lamb Weston/Alexia: frozen sweet potato fries, frozen-roasted sweet potato fries, frozen sweet potato taters and frozen-mashed sweet potatoes

Cosmos Grace, Inc./Hon Hamachi: farm raised yellowtail

Dr. Harold Katz: all natural lozenges and breath freshening toothpaste

Dreyer’s: frozen fruit bars

Daisy Brand: sour cream

DeBoles/Hain Celestial: dried pasta

The Dannon Company: Greek yogurt & parfaits

East Wind: peanut butter

Eggland’s Best Eggs: organic and cage free eggs

Eurofresh: tomatoes, vine rippened

Fantastic World Foods: rice mixes

Five Roses Tea: teas

Fossil Farms: ostrich meat

Freiberger USA: frozen pizza, frozen all-natural pizza and frozen baguette pizza

General Mills/Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

General Mills/Betty Crocker

Genie: The Rice Company: organic rice

General Mills/Wheaties and Raisin Bran

Hansen: natural sodas

The Hain Celestial Group/ Imagine Foods: organic soups and broths in cartons, natural soups in cartons and all natural low sodium soups in cartons

The Hain Celestial Group/Spectrum Organics: organic extra virgin Mediterranean olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic high heat refined safflower oil, organic rened canola oil, organic rened coconut oil and organic coconut shortening

The Hain Celestial Group/Spectrum Organics: Organic balsamic imported vinegar, organic golden balsamic imported vinegar, organic imported red wine vinegar and organic imported white wine vinegar

Hollandia Produce, LLC/Live Living Gourmet: live lettuces, live watercress, live upland cress and live arugula

Iovate Health Sciences: protein powder drink mixes, whey-based protein powder drink mixes, vegan-based protein powder drink mixes and protein bars

iPura: talapia, frozen

Island Oasis: blended fruit beverage

ISS Research/OhYeah!: Ready to drink nutritional shakes

Jurgielewicz Duck: all natural duck

John B. San Filippo/Fisher Nuts: nut meats and nut snack mixes

Kate Farms: vegan ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes

Kellog’s/Cracklin Oat Bran

Labrada Lean Body Nutrition: protein bars

Lakanto: all-natural sugar-free sweetener

Langer’s Juices Langers Juice: shelf stable apple juice, apple juice blends, cranberry juice, cranberry juice blends, pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice blends, orange juice, orange juice blends, grapefruit juice and grape juice

La Cense Beef, natural, domestic Angus beef

Lifestream: organic waffles

Litehouse: veggie dips

Mazzetta Seafood: P&D shrimp & lobster tails

Meyers Natural Angus: natural, domestic Angus beef

Minutemaid: ruby red grapefruit juice

Morningstar: veggie burgers

Mountain High Organics/Tresomega Nutrition: organic, gluten-free quinoa pasta and organic, gluten-free brown rice pasta

Nassoya: tofu

Natural Organics Inc.: energy supplements

Nature’s Path/ Lifestream: organic cereals

Nestles Waters: drinking water, bottled

Next Nutrition: nutritional supplements

NorSun Food Group: organic potatoes

Paesana: organic, shelf-stable pasta sauces in jars

Phillips Gourmet Mushrooms

Primera Foods: whole liquid eggs

Quaker/Mother’s Cereal & Instant Grits

Ready Pac Produce: salad mixes

Real Salt/Redmond Minerals: sea salt

Revolution Tea House: teas

Robert Rothschild Farms: preserves

ShariAnn’s: canned soup

Silver Palate: pasta sauce and crackers

Spice Island: spices

Stremicks Heritage Natural Foods: soy milk

Sun Orchard, 100% pure orange juice

Superior Farms: natural lamb

Supreme Protein: protein bars

Sweet Earth Natural Foods: frozen vegetarian breakfast sandwiches, frozen vegan and vegetarian burritos, frozen vegan and vegetarian entrée bowls and plant-based bacon substitute

TH Foods/Crunchmaster: gluten-free multigrain crackers and crisps

Tone Brothers: dried spices

Traina Dried Fruit, Inc.: dried fruit

Treetop Apple Slices

Victoria Gourmet Seasonings: spices and organic spices

Vikon Farm: Heritage Chicken

Vitasoy: soy milk

White Wave/Silk: soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk

Whole Note Foods: gluten-free buttermilk pancake mixes, crepe mixes, waffle mixes, muffin mixes, pizza crust mix and multi-purpose flour

Wholesome Goodness: multigrain tortilla chips and cereal/granola bars

Wild Planet Seafood: canned seafood

Zola Acai Beverages: acai juice