Our Divisions

Chefs In America: A nationwide network of Corporate Chefs, High Volume Chefs and Executive Chefs. There are currently over 6,500 Chefs in this network. Founded in 1986, we boast the longest running and most comprehensive chef endorsement programs in America. Some of our gold medalists now proudly display the gold medal in overseas markets and televise their win on QVC and Home Shopping Network to millions of viewers.

American Masters of Taste: A division of the Chefs In America network. These are Chefs who have received our Maitre du Gout (Masters of Taste) award based on their culinary mastery. These Chefs serve on our Product Judging panels for the on-going World Taste Championships, World Beverage Championships and World Culinary Championships.

Chefs In America Taste Summit & Grand Tasting: Founded in 2001, this annual summit recently celebrated its 25th year. The Summit brings together leaders of industry sectors, both buyers and sellers, in national and regional meetings. Summit topics focus on product tastings, food safety trends, management and sales practices, new technologies and other topics relevant to the foodservice and retail/grocery industry. The Grand Tasting segment includes our Gold Medal winning purveyors. Awards are bestowed on stage to these award winners as well as to Masters of Taste.

Cordon du Vin: Another division of Chefs In America that bestows awards to beverage companies including wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverage. This is part of our on-going World Beverage Championships.