Submit Products for Judging

We judge products year-round based on “product categories,” for example, “rice, long grain.” We only endorse one product category at a time so you will not see two Gold Medals at any given time for Long Grain Rice.

We charge minimal fees to judge products on a per category basis. We charge an annual licensing fee to use the Gold Medal, our intellectual property, for eligible companies, the cost of which is rolled into our Gold Medal Endorsement Marketing Program.

If your product gets an average nine or ten scores in its product category, it becomes eligible for a Gold Medal. You will also be sent an official press release announcing your win, which you may use, at no cost, for one year on the Internet only. You will also be offered participation in our marketing programs at your discretion. In the unlikely event of a tie, one of the companies will be chosen randomly for first right of refusal. If nobody claims the Gold Medal for a product category, the category goes fallow for one year.

If your company produces a product that you think would rate superior in a triple blind judging by expert chefs and you would like to submit it, please contact us to see if the category is currently available. Call (707)557-8700 or email:

Once you win the product category, you are eligible to participate in our Gold Medal Endorsement Marketing Program.


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